REV Health Products Ingredients

About Our Proprietary 'Sonoran Synergy' Ingredients

  REV Health Products brings hundreds of hours of research and product ingredient enhancements together to create a unique line of products.    
  Our products all contain a proprietary blend of 100 percent natural and organic ingredients that work in concert with each other, creating what we like to call our 'Sonoran Synergy' blend – named for the desert in which most of our ingredients come from.    
  REV Health Products ingredients have evolved from a single, simple and controversial natural compound into a blend of many natural, healthful compounds – without all the controversy!  
  As always – our products are 100% organic, and most of our products are also vegan.  (Our pain sticks contain organic beeswax, and therefore are not vegan.)  
  Not only do we sell our products, but are consumers of our products as well.  There is nothing in our line of products that we don't personally use!  
  We want you to be confident with our products!  We provide documentation for all of our claims by means of links on our website, and/or with the products you receive.     
  The REV Health Products line is the natural alternative to tradition medicines that can be *used for almost every health issue out there – not to mention for over all well-being and homeostasis. Our products help with:  
  Pain – including back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and more,  Fibromyalgia symptoms,  Arthritis,  Anxiety,  Sleep,  Headaches, Menstrual Cramps,  Nausea,  Seizure Threshold,  Mental Fog,  Parkinson's Disease,  Depression,  ADD/ADHD,  Acne,  Psoriasis  and similar skin issues,    Homeostasis,  PTSD,  Blood Sugar Issues / Diabetes Type 2,  Inflammation,  Anti-oxidant,  Leaky Gut,  IBS,  Cancer Issues,  Addiction Issues,  Neuropathy,   Much More!   

  REV Health Products comes with a money-back guarantee!  If any of our products don't meet your expectations, simply return the product(s) to us within 30 days, and we will give you a full refund!  

  * Our products are not intended to replace any medical treatment or medicines prescribed by your doctor or other health care professional.  Please consult with your doctor or other licensed health care professional before beginning a new product of any kind.  REV Health Products does not claim that our products can 'cure' anything, but our experiences have shown us that many alternative products can increase the quality of life and homeostasis of our clients. 

Our Proprietary 'Sonoran Synergy' Blend Includes:
  Upper respiratory tract infections, including colds, the flu and pneumonia.   Other viral as well as bacterial infections.  Digestive disorders including pain and inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis)  Headaches and fever.  Urinary disorders.  Diabetes.  Arthritis.   


Flu,  Asthma,  Autoimmune Disorders,  Toothache,  Anxiety,  Upset Stomach,  Menstrual Cramps, Inflammation   


Liver Issues,  Blood Sugar Regulation,  Inflammation,  Joint Pain,  Boosts Immunity,  Arthritis,  Rosacea and Other Skin Problems   


Sleep Issues,  Inflammation,  Arthritis,  Gout,  Muscle Pain,  Back Pain,  Headaches,  Fever  F,ibromyalgia  Heartburn,  Anti-oxidant   


Muscle Cramps,  Muscle Spasms,  Heart Irritability,  Asthma,  Constipation,  Headaches,  Inflammation,  Back Pain,  Joint Pain   


Joint pain, Opium Withdrawal,  Inflammation,  Cough,  Asthma,  Urinary Tract Infections,  Menstrual Cramps,  Insomnia,  Anxiety,  Bronchitis   


Arthritis,  Joint Pain,  Fibromyalgia,  Inflammation,  Bruising,  Anti-oxidant   


Inflammation,  Psoriasis,  Neuropathy,  Joint Pain,  Back Pain,  Fibromyalgia,  Insect Bites,  Anesthetic   


Anti-oxidant,  Eczema,  Acne,  Insect Bites,Dry Skin,  Other Skin Irritability


Liver Toxicity,  Anti-oxidant,  Vitamin Rich,  Nausea,  Inflammation,  Blood Sugar Regulation,  Weight Loss   


Inflammation,  Depression,  Anti-oxidant,  Heart Disease,  Neurological Support,  Joint Pain,  Back Pain,  Brain Health,  Depression,  Alzheimers Symptoms,  Weight Loss   


ALL of the oils used in REV Health Products are therapeutic grade – meaning that their ingredients are not only safe to use on your skin, but can also benefit homestasis and health issues by being absorbed through your skin.  

Essential Oils also benefit health by means of Terpenes – or through their scent. The sense of smell is very underestimated when it comes to well-being, and yet is a significant contributing factor to homeostasis.  More on Terpenes in another publishing, but if you'd like to know more in the mean time, please consider the supplier of our essential oils; Joanie at  Joanie has taken many classes and has spent hundreds of hours perfecting her craft with essential oils. She is very knowledgable, and can answer any questions that you may have about terpenes and other health benefits of essential oils.       

  We use other natural ingredients for fillers, coloring and solvents.  You can rest assured that we only use healthy ingredients that in no way will compromise your health!  
 Our products are 100% natural and organic, but anything that enters your bloodstream can cause an interaction with medicines that you may already be taking.  If you are on any OTC medicines and/or prescription medicines, it will ne necessary to consult with your health care professional before starting anything new pertaining to your health.