Will CBD Give Me a Positive Drug Test?

This has by far been our most asked question, and therefore deserves a little bit of an in depth response.

The short answer is 'extremely unlikely", and there is a product option we offer that can significantly decrease the chance of a positive drug screening test even more. Vague, I know... Here's how we came to our conclusion, along with some recommendations.

The primary source of our conclusion comes from a study done in 2001, " Leson et al. Evaluating the impact of hemp food consumption on workplace drug tests. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol. 25, November/December 2001 691-698."

In the study, a small group of people were given low doses of oral THC - dosage similar to what one might be consuming when taking CBD oil orally, over a few days. The conclusion of this study - in summary, states that daily CBD oil dosages of between 200-300 mg fall well below the initial federal testing cut-off standard of  50 ng/mL.

Some points to consider here:

~ The study was done on healthy people. There are some studies that suggest some meds may keep cannabinoid levels =most notably THC at higher levels for prolonged times.

~ Liver issues. Elevated liver enzymes and other liver issues may contribute to higher THC levels; as cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver.

~ Medical marijuana use. While the THC content in hemp oils containing CBD by law must have a THC content of < 0.3%, if one is using medical marijuana, there is potential for additional CBD hemp oil use to push one's THC level over the threshold.


~Try using a CBD isolate product. We offer an isolate powder that is 99.9% pure CBD. There are ups and downs of using isolate powder, however. I'll post a link soon explaining that.

~Talk to your doctor. You should always consult a physician before adding or making other changes in your med use. Also, talk about any possible medical conditions or meds that you may be taking that could affect the outcome of a drug test.

~Get a copy of your employer's drug testing policy from their HR department. The drug testing procedures and testing cut-off levels should be disclosed there. (Although most employers use the federal guidelines as their standard.)

~Disclose your CBD use on the drug testing form. Some people disagree with us on this one. By ADA law, one need not disclose prescribed usage during a drug test - or ever for that matter. There are arguments that extend that law into all meds - even OTC and dietary supplements. Our stance is that a little honesty may get you some mileage should a Medical Review Officer (doctor) need to look at your drug test. 

More links regarding this subject will be coming as more evidence pro or con becomes available.

-Beth & Ric

Which is better - full spectrum or isolate?

This answer depends upon the person and  what they are looking to get out of taking a CBD product.

While the full spectrum 'entourage effect' is greatly debated, there are added  nutritional benefits of taking the full spectrum products. Terpenes, additional cannabinoids other than CBD, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and other plant compounds assist your body to maintain optimal health.

CBD isolates are a great way to increase the CBD strength of an existing CBD oil. It can also be added to bees wax to make a homemade topical pain rub.

Everyone is different; but we'll be happy  to assist in finding the right product for you.

What dose should I take?

The human body can easily handle very high doses of CBD, but the general rule of thumb is to start with a lower dose (follow the directions on the product) and slowly work your way up until you get the desired effect. Everyone is different; so there is no real formula to date.